Winter Safety for Seniors

Winter Safety for Seniors

As we enter December in Canada, we know that the snow is upon us!
Understanding the snow cannot and will not stop us from going outdoors, we have put together some tips for winter safety to assist our seniors.

  1. Stay indoors if you can or change your plans if it is a blizzard outside or looking icy. Kick your feet up on that comfy recliner or couch and stay cozy!

  2. Layer up those clothes and wear your winter gear! We were always told to layer up as we went outside as children, as it keeps our bodies warm from the cold. Wear those good grip winter boots, mitts, hat, scarves, thick winter coat! Pull out those knitted sweaters and thick socks to keep the chill and snow out.

  3. Do not shy away from asking for help if needed, such as getting your driveway or sidewalk shoveled or even some salt sprinkled on your walkways. Hire someone or ask your kind neighborhood.

  4. Use public transportation in the winter or ask a friend to drive you to your destination. It is much safer to take this route, as winter can sometimes take a quick turn for the worst.
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