Senior Activities in The County

Senior Activities in The County

The County is a great place to live, particularly when our seniors can age in place. That’s why so many seniors come to the County after they retire. They look for a quiet little town where they can relax yet still have opportunities to be social and active. Prince Edward County is a treasure trove of activities for seniors, catering to a diverse range of interests. From golfing at the prestigious Picton Golf and Country Club to indoor walking paths for those who prefer a leisurely stroll, there’s something for everyone.

The Wellington Lehigh Area offers indoor walking paths to keep our seniors active in the winter months. You can also walk the many paths at one of our local parks and trails. Seniors can participate in curling at the Picton Curling Club, cycling or swimming indoors at the Prince Edward Fitness and Aquatic Center, or walking and cycling outdoors on our millennium trails throughout The County.

There are also many excellent eateries around the area where you can socialize and meet up with friends. Even the volunteer opportunities in The County are endless. You could join the hospital auxiliary. At MLP, many new residents come to reside with us and end up reuniting with old friends years after working together at the auxiliary.

Specialized Transit in the County offers seniors door-to-door transportation to and from medical appointments, social events, and other outings. Make sure to call ahead to register. To use door-to-door service, you must be eligible for the specialized county transit services through Quinte Access.

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