Fun Crafts to do With Seniors

Fun Crafts to do With Seniors

We have many residents that love to take advantage of the extra time they have available during retirement. If you’re ever looking for something to do with your senior loved ones, try one of these fun hobby ideas to do with them.

Wreath Making –One of our residents here at MLP uses bed sheets to create beautiful colourful wreaths. All you need is a metal wreath frame, scissors, and coloured sheets to cut up into strips. Tie your strips onto the frame and let the colours blend into a beautiful creation.

Needle Point Name Tags –Another resident here has created name tags out of her needle point hobby. She uses plastic canvas, scissors, yarn needles, and different coloured yarn to weave in and out of the canvas to create colourful name tags for other residents in the building.

Hanging Clove Apple –We have another resident that spends some of her time each day putting cloves into an apple to give to people as gifts. You can hang these anywhere in your home for a nice fresh fall scent. All you need is an apple, some cloves and a piece of rope or ribbon. Push each clove into the apple wherever you’d like and glue a rope or ribbon on the top so you can hang it up.

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