Celebrate the Little Things

Celebrate the Little Things

It is so important to celebrate the small things in life these days. Many people disregard special
occasions, such as birthdays or little sentimental holidays like Valentine's Day. If you have a
reason to celebrate, do so in a way that will make you the happiest. Many older adults and
seniors think their birthday isn't worth causing a fuss over because they've had so many already,
and it is only fun when you're a kid. You may have heard some seniors or even younger adults
say the phrase, "Oh, it's just another day."

Well, yes. It is another day. They're right about that, but it's the day many amazing people were
brought into this world, and you, alongside them, are worth celebrating.

As we get older, no matter our age, we are never promised tomorrow. So, celebrate! At MLP
Residence, we make those little occasions a big deal. When living in assisted living facilities,
you have many people in your community. Many of our residents come to the Grande Lounge to
mingle and enjoy a giant birthday cake the chef makes for everyone once a month. We celebrate
everyone who has a birthday that month, including the staff. We also have parties, teas, and
happy hour gatherings during other holidays to celebrate, make new friends and socialize as one
big community.

Next time your loved one tells you not to make a big deal out of a birthday or an
accomplishment, try to make it memorable for them in a way that will make them happy. Not
everyone is a social butterfly and wants big parties thrown, so if you know someone like this, let
them know that you are proud of them privately in a unique way without putting them in the

Some ideas to celebrate our more introverted loved ones:

  • Bring them some flowers or a homemade card.
  • Take them out for lunch or dinner to celebrate.
  • Stop in for a simple visit, hug them, and tell them you are proud.

Everyone celebrates differently, but no matter how you celebrate, ensure you do. Life is
unpredictable, and you never know if it will be the last time you get to celebrate with your loved
ones, so celebrate!

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