Valentine’s Day and Seniors

Valentine’s Day and Seniors

Some people think that Valentines day is just for couples, well I am here to tell you its not. It is the best way to shower those family and friends that mean the most too you with love and affection. It is also a great chance to spend it with an older adult who is close too you.

We have come up with some ideas that seniors can do or be a part of for Valentine’s day!

  1. Create a celebratory atmosphere: Take the time to decorate in spaces of their home or if they are apart of Retirement residence, make their main lounge full of festive decorations they can enjoy with other residents with lots of pink and red hearts, festive garland or even window stickers.

  2. Valentine Activities for Seniors: Valentines day themed puzzles whether it be jigsaw, sudoku, a word search is a great choice. More involved group activities would be a Valentine’s day themed Bingo or crafting is a great activity to join in together.

  3. Celebrate with Family & Friends: It is always nice to get together with your favorite people on the holidays. As times are tough and we are adjusting to this new normal being in a pandemic, sometimes that can be hard to do. Pick up a device such as computer or phone and call or video chat that person you love.

  4. Watch a Romantic Movie: This is a great option when you are stuck on ideas, a festive movie is always a good way to get in the holiday spirit. Watch a movie alone or if you are lucky enough to have a retirement residence with a theatre, you can watch a movie with others.

  5. Have a Party: Celebrating holidays through parties are always a great way to bring people together. Put up those heart shaped decorations and enjoy those heart shapes snacks and drinks. Play some festive games and have a few laughs!
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