Technology and Older Adults

Technology and Older Adults

Technology is forever changing, and the fast-paced updates can be rather daunting. Technology can be a great way for families and friends to maintain communication, especially with COVID! Below, we have some tips for seniors currently using or interested in using technology.

  • Ask a grandchild to teach you – The younger generations have lived through the technology era, and many were born into it. If there’s one thing the younger generation loves, it’s using and teaching about technology. When you visit with your grandkids next, ask them to show you how to use your new tablet or iPad.

  • Sign up with the local high schools – Many local high schools have programs with students to teach seniors about technology. The students receive credit for working with seniors and you will learn all about technology!

  • Join a course at a local college – Many colleges offer night programs designed to teach about technology (or anything you want to learn, really!) and are offered at a reasonable rate. Similar to the high school programs, you will learn the basics about using technology.
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