Staying Active in Isolation

Staying Active in Isolation

When living in a building with many other residents, you must isolate yourself when you get sick to prevent the entire building from getting sick. Its not fun, but it is necessary. Here are a few exercises to keep your body active during the isolation time. They are quite easy for anyone, and you can do them just sitting on your couch or chair!

Leg Extensions

  • While sitting, lift your right foot straight up and hold for 5 seconds.
  • Point your toes for 5 seconds, then bring toes towards your body for 5 seconds.
  • Rest your foot on the floor and then repeat 2 more times.
  • Bring your foot back up, and make circles with your toes, rotating the ankle left and right.
  • Repeat with the left foot.

Elbow Circles

  • Place your right hand on your right shoulder and make circles with your elbow.
  • Everyone is different, you can do large circles, or little circles, whatever is more comfortable for you and your abilities. We typically do 10 circles forward, and 10 circles backwards.
  • Repeat with the left side.

Leg & Back Stretch

  • While sitting, extend your right foot out while keeping the left foot firmly on the floor.
  • Reach up and slowly down towards the toes. Only reach until you feel a stretch in your back and back of the right leg. Repeat with the left foot.
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