Preventing Isolation among Older Adults

Preventing Isolation among Older Adults

We are currently experiencing uncertain times. Not just us here at MLP, or in the community but the entire world. We went from visiting our loved ones whenever we wanted to suddenly going into full lockdown to prevent the spread of a very scary illness. To ensure our loved ones still receive social interaction, we have compiled a list of tips for everyone!

  • Give grandma or grandpa a quick phone call – this is the best practice when a residence or care home is under lockdown or quarantine. You can still interact with your loved one, but you are also at the least possible of risk of spreading illnesses. Your loved ones will appreciate the phone call and happy to hear you are ok and well.

  • Video chat with your loved ones – we are in the age of technology, making social interactions significantly easier! Many older adults are becoming more tech savvy, and have access to FaceTime, Skype or other video chat calls. Your loved ones will still be able talk to you and hear from you!

  • Have your children write letters – Snail mail might just make it’s reappearance with everything currently going on! Seniors love receiving hand written letters, and this can include a letter from their grandchildren, a coloured picture or both! It will still provide them with a sense of interaction, and that their family is still thinking of them. Although visitors are unable to come into the building, our staff will be very happy to accept letters at the front door to be delivered to your loved ones!
  • And last but certainly not least,

  • Wave at them from afar – Many family members have been standing on the lawn at MLP Residence with “scheduled” meeting times with their family to wave and yell “Hello’s!” and “I love you’s.” We understand it isn’t the same as visiting, but your loved one understands and appreciates the kind gestures.

We hope this provides some comfort in knowing you can still see and interact with your parents, grandparents, etc. In time we will be back to holding our loved ones and visiting like old times.

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