Outdoor Activities for Older Adults

Outdoor Activities for Older Adults

Spring has officially sprung and the warmer weather is making an appearance! Here at MLP we have been getting outside more for daily walks and fresh air and we are loving every second we get! We have put together a list of our favorite activities we enjoy doing here at MLP.

  • Outdoor Walking Groups – This is a great way to meet up with friends and family for walks, and is one activity that still supports the social distancing rules in place! Here at MLP we have a walking path around the exterior of our building, and we enjoy walking laps taking in the scenery of the farmers fields and neighboring gardens. You can always add resistance to your walks by adding ankle weights or using walking poles!

  • Bathe in the sunshine – We enjoy sitting out on the patio furniture on our many decks and bathing in the sunshine. The fresh air lifts your spirits and the sunshine adds a little pep to your step!

  • Outdoor Games – take your favourite indoor games and play them outside! We enjoy playing bocce ball, lawn darts, and ladder ball on the lawn. These activities are easily played in small and large groups, and can also be played from a distance. These types of games assist with your balance, flexibility and overall strength!
  • Gardening – The May long weekend has passed, which means we are in the clear to begin gardening! Gardening is a fun activity that can be relaxing, but also works on your manual dexterity and overall strength. Freshly planted flowers are also a great way to lift your spirits!

We hope these outdoor activities help lift your spirits during this time! For other great ideas be sure to check out our monthly activity calendars! Stay safe friends!

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