Men’s Health

Men’s Health

We have all encountered it – a gentleman in our life should see his family physician for one reason or another but continuously puts off the appointment. To help, we have compiled a list of tips to promote men’s health! **Please note, these tips are not a substitution to visiting your family physician. Any concerns should be addressed appropriately**

  • Take your medications as prescribed – Many seniors forget which medications to take, and when. A great trick to remembering what to take is using a list of medications with times, OR placing your medications in weekly capsules.

  • Practice healthy habits – Staying healthy involves adapting healthy habits, such as drinking lots of fluids (preferably low sugar drinks – water, tea/coffee), and eating healthy foods. Focus on eating lots of fruits and vegetables!

  • Stay physically active – Staying physically active will help promote a healthy lifestyle and in turn reduce your risk of injury or illness. Join a walking group, garden during the spring and summer months, or join a local gym! The possibilities are endless and readily available for physically activity.

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