Keeping exercise fun with seniors

Keeping exercise fun with seniors

One thing we do at MLP that keeps them coming back is our FUN 5-minute cool down at the end of each 30-minute exercise session. Our residents work hard at keeping themselves in good health by attending daily and doing the 25-minute routine. After they’ve put in the work, we put on music of their era and do fun challenges for our cool down. Laughter is always the best and biggest part of our cool down routine.

We start with stretching in all areas, then move into range of motions and work our way up to a strength building exercise that alternates daily between weights and resistance bands. One of our resident’s favorite 5-minute cool down challenge is Noodle Ball. This is inexpensive and definitely a favorite at MLP! The balloon flies all over the room as the residents laugh and hit the balloon back and forth with their friends, using their reflex skills to keep it off the ground for as long as they can. Sometimes we switch hands, challenging them with their non dominant hand to make it more interesting.

The residents of MLP are always saying just how much fun it is to come to exercises and how much they enjoy it. Next time you think exercise isn’t for you, just remember all the fun you could have in a social gathering where everyone is working towards a healthier version of themselves.

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