Injury Prevention for Seniors

Injury Prevention for Seniors

Injuries are a common occurrence for many people, and for majority of those individuals something they just brush off. As we begin to age our injuries take more priority and attention. According to the Government of Canada, the main factor for hospitalization in seniors is due to falls (and motor-vehicle accidents). Falls among older adults are very dangerous if untreated, as they often bring more problems post-fall (i.e., broken bones, bruising, etc). Although falls are not entirely avoidable, there are steps that can be taken to prevent serious falls and injuries:

Keep living area and common areas clean

Keeping your living area(s) clean goes beyond wanting your house to be “visitor ready.” Ensuring your stairwell, bathroom, bedroom, living room, etc. are clear of debris and items will help reduce the risk of tripping and injuring yourself, or others. Many seniors have reduced eye sight, making it more difficult to navigate, so keeping these areas tidy is beneficial for all.

Keep living area well lit

Ensuring common areas in your house are well lit will help illuminate any hazards that may be present. Brand new lights do not need to be installed (unless, of course, your lights are extremely dim and old!) but ensuring stairwells, hallways, rooms and outdoor common areas have lights will make navigating around easier.


Participating in physical activity is beneficial for all ages, but especially seniors. Muscle tone and strength in older adults decreases, making it more difficult to walk upright, pick their feet up off the floor and catch themselves if they happen to trip. Thankfully just light exercises are enough to maintain some strength and flexibility! Seniors do not need to start training for a marathon, but something as light as walking around your property, walking on a treadmill or gardening is enough to keep up strength

Healthy Diet

EAT YOUR VEGGIES! A healthy diet will ensure you have the strength and nutrients required to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy will provide you with energy, which will in turn assist you in maintaining focus.

DISCLAIMER: The above information is not medical advice. Any medical advice should be discussed with a physician. This information is simply intended to provide some information regarding preventing injuries in seniors.

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