How Technology can Enhance Quality of Life for Seniors

How Technology can Enhance Quality of Life for Seniors

Technology has come a long way over the past few decades. It’s one of those things that most seniors
find very difficult to navigate, but once they learn, it can be a great asset to their lives. The most
common technology seniors use is smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

Tablets are great for providing entertainment and informing you about all the latest news and trends.
You can also use the tablet to connect with friends and family through a messenger app or Skype if you
wish to video chat. It can provide access to transportation and food as well. Many places have an online
shopping app with the option of delivery, so you can have groceries delivered right to your door.
Grocery delivery apps are great for seniors without a driver’s license.

Smartwatches like a Fitbit or Apple watch can monitor your health and wellness and alert caregivers if
something is irregular. A medical alert watch on the market can detect if someone has fallen and
automatically sends a signal to emergency services. These apps can provide peace of mind for the

Smartphones can connect you with friends, family, and healthcare providers. Many virtual doctors have
been out there since COVID-19 hit our streets in 2020. If you are without a family doctor, a virtual doctor
is a great way to see a professional when something unexpected happens with your health. You can do
all this without leaving home

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