Foot Care

Foot Care

Mobility is a big component of independence, and as we get older this could be worrisome for some seniors having issues with their feet. Foot health may not be most important health concerns, but it certainly could end up being one over time. Poor foot health can majorly impact a senior’s ability to work/volunteer, to live alone and to participate in social/physical activities. Foot health can eventually lead to other health issues related to back pain, knee pain and hip pain which can also damper mobility.
Often doctors can tell by your feet first when diagnosing health concerns, such as diabetes, arthritis, and circulatory disease. There are other signs of poor foot health such as, dry skin, brittle nails, burning/tingling sensations, feeling cold, feeling numbness at times and even discoloration of toenails or skin.

Here are some foot care tips seniors:

  • Wear shoes that fit
  • Walk regularly
  • Have corns/calluses removed professionally
  • Bathe/soak feet daily
  • Keep nails cut and shaped correctly
  • When in doubt, get your feet examined

Over the years whether it is related to mistreatment, the normal wear and tear over the years can cause different changes in our feet. When seniors age, their feet tend to change drastically such as losing the fatty pads that cushion the bottom of their feet, as well as additional weight can also change the structure of our feet. Observing your feet weekly, can keep you on top of any changes your feet may be going through and get it looked at from a foot care professional.

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