Making your Home Dementia Friendly

Making your Home Dementia Friendly

Dementia, a prevalent condition among seniors in the 21st century, is a progressive neurological disease that impacts memory and abstract thinking. The encouraging news is that we, as family members and caregivers, hold the power to assist our loved ones in their battle against this disease. By implementing strategies and support systems, we can enable our loved ones to maintain their independence, ensuring they live their daily lives without feeling like a burden to those they cherish.

Leave reminders in common areas

Seniors with dementia often struggle with memory, a key area affected by the disease. To assist them in their daily routines, consider placing reminders in areas they frequent, such as the bathroom or their favourite sitting chair. These practical reminders can prompt them to engage in activities they enjoy but may have forgotten.

Provide seniors with brain games to work on

We can educate our loved ones on what they can do to give their brains a good workout. Stimulating seniors’ brains with word puzzles and brain games may help prevent and slow the progression of cognitive decline in those who have been diagnosed with dementia.

One thing we do at MLP to help our residents who have been diagnosed with the beginning stages of dementia is offering printouts of their mealtimes to place on the inside of their doors so that when they leave their rooms, they will see them and remember what time their meals are. These little reminders are great for helping our seniors with their independence.

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