CEO’S Message

Dear MLP Residents & Family,

It’s hard to believe that we are already in the third quarter of the year. At the beginning of this year MLP celebrated its 20th anniversary. This is not a look back, but a look ahead. In addition, we have had a lot to be thankful for as we also commend keeping all our residents and staff safe, healthy and COVID-19 free during the pandemic. It is incredible to finally see “normality” returning to our daily lives. This does not mean that our focus has changed; we are, more than ever before, committed to making the everyday lives of our seniors more rewarding through our adaptive operational policies and flexible visitation protocols – all of which strictly align with MSAA and Public Health measures and guidelines. And of course, we continue to focus on providing safe, thoughtful, and caring experiences to all our residents – with wellbeing and safety at the heart of everything that we do.

We are springing back to life with the energy of vaccine’s success at our backs. With infection activity plummeting nationwide, combined with the proactive steps that MLP has taken, our residents are comforted to know that their safety and well-being is of paramount importance. The MLP Community has been in an unrivaled position, during the pandemic, as all our staff continue to expend excelling care services and security measures for each resident within our Community. MLP Residence assures all of its residents that they are able to live their best life, in all facets, at MLP moving forward.

The bold and quick initiatives that were enforced by MLP during the early stages of the pandemic – including procuring large volumes of PPE, enhancing IPAC protocols, deploying an ongoing COVID-19 screening and testing program, and later being among the first of senior living providers to choose mandatory vaccination for all our team members – has positioned MLP Residence favourably to move to a great 2021 – 2022 season. This is the lens through which we view our future – boldly being “first movers” in everything that we do.

From our continual wellness program initiatives, for our residents, to our enhanced IPAC measures and operational practices during the past 18 months, our focus has been, and shall remain, to maintain the award-winning care services within a highly immunized and vaccinated environment. We are ready for a new journey and new life for you and with you.

Our focus has now also moved to ensure that our residents are able to live their best lives in a post-COVID world. We remain vigilant as the endgame for COVID-19 evolves, and we remain committed to continue taking any urgent measures and effective steps that may be needed, from time to time, to protect all of our residents and team members, including planning for timely roll out COVID-19 vaccine boosters later this year.

Following is some of the important information about our continuing response to COVID-19. Information,policies, and protocols are updated regularly, considering changing guidelines and directives. If you are searching for specific material not found here, please contact MLP’s General Manager for more information or clarification.

  • Visiting: MLP Residence continues to comply with Public Health directives, MSAA and RHRA directives for visitation and screening. Please check for information and current status for your visit to MLP prior to booking.
  • Team Member Screening Protocol: All MLP Residence’s staff members participate in screening protocols before entering the workplace. These are consistent with directives issued by provincial public health units. This includes temperature checks of staff upon arrival for their scheduled shifts and all team members are required to enter the premises via a designated entry point. Furthermore, every team member participates in antigen testing twice per week. As of September 7th 2021, MLP has enforced a Mandatory Vaccination Policy for all its staff.
  • Staying Active and Connected: We continue to encourage our residents to stay active while respecting physical distancing principles. Staying connected with loved ones is very important, especially during uncertain times. MLP has maintained visitation protocols over the course of the pandemic, albeit with modifications. During peak infection times, we had voluntarily lockeddown the Residence for entry but maintained the opportunity for family and friends to connect with their loved ones through video or telephone calls, window visits, emails, and assisting in receiving deliveries on behalf of any resident. As COVID-19 numbers decline we have readapted our visitation guidelines to include in-suite visits with family – which are dependent on successful screening conventions upon entry for each visitor, implementation of IPAC controls and wearing of PPE as and where required as per MLP policies.
  • Deliveries: As part of our evolving response, we monitor and control deliveries closely to ensure we are following best infection control practices and protecting residents and our team members. For details about how to arrange a delivery to your loved one at MLP Residence, please contact a member of our management team.
  • Dining: Dining rooms and meal service have been adapted to ensure physical distancing standards that comply with current public health directives; as well as enhanced sanitisation and disinfection protocols.
  • Cleaning & Sanitisation: Increased cleaning and disinfecting protocols continue to apply at all common areas of the buildings, including high-touch surfaces.
  • Site Communications Updates: MLP Residence’s General Manager continues to send regular site communication updates to residents and families. If you are not currently receiving these messages, and would like to, please contact our General Manager directly to be added to her email distribution list.

We are encouraged, and we want to encourage you. The sun is shining, the weather is warmer, the days are longer, and the future is brighter.

Thank you for your trust and support to MLP all along the way. I’m happy to be “turning the page” together with you in the days ahead.

With kind regards;

Anik Jivanjee

Chief Executive Officer
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