Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

There have been studies showing that exercise has its benefits for seniors. Exercise has shown that keeping up with exercise can help prevent health issues from diabetes to heart disease. Exercise does not have to be strenuous, even a light walk around the block or up and down a hallway are great options for a light exercise as it’s a powerful tool for preventable disease.

  • Improved Mental Health – Exercise is great for our mental health; it releases endorphins through our body making us feel good and happy as it acts as a stress reliever. Mental Health issues can cause insomnia and trouble sleeping for some. Exercise is a great benefit to those older seniors that may have disrupted sleep as it improves sleeping patterns.

  • Decreased Risk of Falls – Seniors are at a higher risk of falls, which can potentially get in the way of their independence. Exercise increase flexibility and strength, which can also come hand in hand with improving balance and coordination. Falls can take seniors a long time to recover in some circumstances, so anything that can prevent falls from happening is extremely important in senior health.

  • Social Engagement – There are lots of activities for seniors to stay active, whether is be joining a gardening group, walking group or even a light exercise class. Not only do these activities keep senior active and alert, they also encourage seniors to be social. Maintaining social ties and relationships are important for seniors as it keeps them active and avoid feelings of loneliness or even depression. Its important for seniors to find an active activity they love, and they will look forward to keeping up with it.
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