Aging is inevitable

Aging is inevitable

Aging is inevitable, there isn’t a special serum or cream we can use to reverse the aging process, but what if we told you there were healthy habits you can pick up to help slow down the aging process?

These are in no way a guaranteed fix-all, and everyone will react differently. With the New Year upon us, we have decided to compile a list of healthy habits for older adults to partake in to hopefully slow down the aging process:

Eat a healthy diet!

A healthy diet does not have to mean bland, no taste or seasoning. It does consist of eating lots of vegetables high in fiber, protein rich meats and alternatives, and consuming less sugar. Incorporating these substances into your diet will provide you with longer energy throughout the day.

Stay connected !

One of the best ways to reduce aging, believe it or not, is to regularly meet up with friends. The meetups can be daily, weekly, monthly and can include grabbing a coffee at the local coffee shop, meeting up at the local community centre to walk the track or stopping by someone’s house. Staying connected provides you with a sense of belonging and keeps us happy and motivated to perform daily activities and tasks.

Get enough sleep

It might sound silly for slowing down the aging process, but getting the right amount of sleep will help you stay energized throughout the day. Eight hours might not be your magic number, maybe you only need four hours of sleep, maybe you need more than eight. Whatever that number is, try your best to achieve this most nights of the week (we understand this isn’t always achievable).

Drink lots of water

Water is our best friend. We need it to sustain life, it quenches our thirst and helps our internal organs. Drinking water helps keep the elasticity in our skin, resulting in (potentially, not guaranteed!) less wrinkles. YES! Although water won’t completely get rid of wrinkles it will give your skin a nice soft glow and healthy look.

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