10 Habits Seniors Should Keep

10 Habits Seniors Should Keep

Staying up to date with the immediate health care of senior’s needs is important but can also be an overwhelming task. Seniors develop health issues as they age and should try and keep up with these 10 healthy habits.

  • Eat Healthy : The digestive system can slow down with age, so high fibre food, fruits, vegetables are all good to keep included in your diet. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and energized.

  • Focus on Prevention : this includes health screenings for a variety of health concerns such as colon, heart, and cholesterol. Also, seniors should be looking to get the flu shot in the fall to help prevent pneumonia and other flu symptoms.

  • Stay informative with medications : Its important for seniors to know what medications they are on and what each of them do to play a role in the body. They should be aware of the signs, symptoms and allergic reactions if were to happen.

  • Get some sleep : Some seniors struggle to stay asleep all night. Insomnia, frequent waking to use the washroom can all play a role in an interrupted sleep. Ensuring seniors have a comfy, cozy room and dimming the lights to create drowsiness before bedtime can help seniors sleep at night.

  • Mental Health : To ensure our brains are functioning properly its important to challenge our minds. Crossword puzzles, writing in a journal, reading, or joining a book club. Trying new hobbies to keep our brains busy and active are all good for our mental health.

  • Vision : Having screenings for vision changes is important as our eyesight can change dramatically in age. Seniors who wear glasses should have their prescription checked every year.

  • Socialize : Sometimes seniors in a retirement residence can experience isolation. Its important for seniors to socialize and keep in touch with family. Time spent with loved ones can make seniors feel more upbeat and energized. Joining social groups within your residence is also a great option to feel connected.

  • Stay Active : Exercise is not only great for our bodies, but for our mental health as well. Exercise has been proven to alleviate depression, improves memory and give us energy. A long walk, short stroll or a few stretches can go a long way in keeping seniors active.

  • Family Physician : Seniors should see their physician regularly to follow up on medications, changes in their body or any issues they may have. It is important to receive physicals and checkups regularly.

  • Dentist : its recommended that seniors visit their dentist every 6 months to a year. Risk for cavities and other issues goes up with age. Other health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke can all be linked with mouth infections if not followed up with.
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