Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

Living in Canada means the snow is going to fly eventually. Even kids and adults find walking on the cold snowy ground more challenging than it is in the warmer months. Theres so many unknowns underneath that fresh carpet of snow. Many seniors can have difficulty finding their footing on dry ground, let alone wet, snowy, or icy grounds. Before going out to brave the cold this winter, go over these quick tips to help you keep safe during the winter season.

  • Make sure to always wear boots with a good grip to avoid slipping and falling.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings before walking outside in bad weather.
  • Expect hazards, so you can be prepared no matter what comes up.
  • Learn how to walk on ice and snow – keep hands out of your pockets and take smaller steps or shuffle your feet while walking to always keep yourself steady.
  • When entering and exiting vehicles, always hold onto the vehicle with both hands when stepping in or out.
  • Avoid short cuts through the snow. Always use the cleared designated path to walk on when going to your destination.
  • Approach any snowy surface with caution. You never know if you could be walking into a pothole or icy patch hiding under the freshly fallen snow.

Try to keep these quick winter safety tips in mind while on your travels and you’ll be more confident about walking in the snow while out and about this winter season.

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