What Pet Therapy Can do for Seniors

What Pet Therapy Can do for Seniors

There are a variety of different animals that can be a good companion for any person young or old, but cats and dogs are the most common pets used for pet therapy. It seems to be more and more common amongst seniors, as age tends to leave our loved ones feeling quite lonely. Finding a good lovable pet for them may be a great idea to bring them back to a happier version of themselves.

Petting a cat or dogs’ soft fur is a very relaxing motion for us as it sparks those natural human senses. Its also a great bonus for the animal that is receiving the loving strokes. They purr, or happily groan as you scratch behind their ears letting you know they’re enjoying the physical contact just as much, if not more then you are.

Taking care of an animal can be a lot of work, so you need to make sure they can handle the jobs needed to be done to keep your lovable furry friend happy and healthy. The most important job of owning an animal is making sure they are fed, warm, loved, bathed, their nails are trimmed, and taking them for walks daily. These activities can help our older adults with a healthier lifestyle by taking care of their little furry companion, and it can give them an important job to do when they wake up every morning. They have something to look forward to each day and it can help them not to feel as lonely.

If you’re not confident the pet can be taken care of properly, you can always make little pet dates for your loved one. Ask someone you know and trust to have their dog/cat go for a visit with your older adult to go get some of those feel-good pets. Even just a short visit can put a smile on their face and maybe bring them back to a time when they owned their own pets.

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