Practicing Mindfulness with Seniors

Practicing Mindfulness with Seniors

Practicing mindfulness with seniors is important for their overall well-being. As people age, being mindful can help us to have a more positive outlook on life. It can help us to improve control over our thoughts, emotions and can even help with improving our memory as we get older.

Mindfulness is a great way to help centre ourselves and help us with difficult emotions we may be experiencing. If you have trouble shutting off your brain like I do, try doing a guided meditation. It can help us to observe our thoughts without judging them as either “good” or “bad.” It helps you to acknowledge the thought and the feeling, so you can let it go, bringing yourself back to the present moment. This is something that all humans are capable of no matter what their age, it just takes a little bit of practice.

One of the activities we do at MLP Residence is to practice mindfulness through a 30-minute session of guided meditation. Group meditation is held at MLP once or twice a month to assist our residents with being mindful of their thoughts, actions, and overall well-being. This session leaves them feeling more relaxed and aware of their inner and outer surroundings.

Some of the benefits of practicing mindfulness as a senior can include:

  • Reducing stress
  • Improvement of regulating one’s emotions
  • Boosting cognitive wellness
  • Strengthening relationships
  • Reducing depression symptoms

Meditation is a great way to practice mindfulness, however; there are many other activities one can do to feel more centered. Being out in nature is one other way to practice mindfulness. Going for a nice mindfulness walk at MLP can assist you in feeling more centered and in the present moment. The beautifully landscaped gardens and views of rolling fields with a nice clean trail to walk along is the perfect spot to let go of all your worries.

When your feeling stuck in the past, or find yourself worrying about the future, go for a little walk and take a minute to rest on one of our benches placed along the trails. Sit in silence for a bit, close your eyes and take note of all the sounds spiraling around you. Notice the warm wind blowing through your hair as the scent of grass and flowers swirl past you. With the sounds of birds singing happily in the background, take in some nice deep breaths as you experience all the sensations around you. This is an easy way to begin practicing mindfulness in a setting that may feel more comfortable for you than beginning in a group setting.

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