Managing Diabetes during Special Occasions

Managing Diabetes during Special Occasions

Going to special social events can be full of temptations, especially for the diabetic in the family! At many social gatherings, like birthdays, weddings or anniversaries, people like to share different treats and goodies they have in their family cookbook, and it can be so hard to say no! We are also in that season for hot chocolate and marshmallows, and big hearty family meals. So, to help you stay healthy and manage your diabetes while out at special events, we’ve looked up some easy tips for you to follow.

  • Try to maintain your regular eating schedule or keep as close to it as possible.
  • Think ahead – What foods will be there that you can enjoy in moderation?
  • Enjoy frequent light snacks throughout the day leading up to the social event/dinner.
  • Go for a walk an hour after you eat. Its good for your health and helps keep your sugar levels down.
  • Having major cravings, but you know its going to skyrocket your sugars? Try chewing on a sugar free piece of gum to help satisfy the urge for sweets.

Try this!

Sign a personal contract to yourself! This can help you commit to yourself that you’ll do a good job at managing your diabetes during these special occasions. You can even add in a special reward for yourself if you stick to your regular eating schedule!

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