How to Improve Memory and Cognitive Function

How to Improve Memory and Cognitive Function

Many seniors think that as they age their memory and brain function does not work quite as well as it used too, so they watch endless amounts of tv, eat unhealthily and start to think that their diet and exercise are not important anymore. That is just the opposite, there are things seniors can do to improve memory and cognitive function.

  • Games & Puzzles: Introducing games that require thinking and evaluating are good for keeping our brain active. Playing card games with others also stimulates the brain while also providing sociable times with others, whether it is friends or family.

  • Start a Journal: Seniors have accomplished a lot over the years and sometimes it can hard to remember some details from the past. Encouraging a journal to write down some of their favorite memories or even writing a daily log about their day can stimulate the brain and can also help with stress and depression when writing it down.

  • Healthy Eating: Nutritional eating is important, particularly one high in antioxidants. You can never go wrong with fresh fruits and vegetables, always a good choice and vital to our diet. Physical challenges such as immune system can have an effect on brain function, so the more antioxidants in diet can benefit the brain and its function.

  • Quit Smoking: There are nothing but negative effects to the brains function with smoking. Smoking also leads to other health issues, such as COPD.

  • Exercise: Movement and physical exercise is vital for the older adult brain and functionality. If you do not have the access to exercise equipment, even walking around the block or doing laps around your house is getting your body moving. Exercise produces aerobic benefits to the brain and improves lung and heart functioning as well.

  • Socialize: They always say, “laughter is the best medicine”. The act of laughing has been proven to have benefits. During these times of being in a pandemic, sometimes meeting up with friends or family can be an issue. Watching movies, listening to music, or reading book that you enjoy can help. If you have someone to help you with technology, a zoom or skype call is also good to socialize with family and friends.

  • Change of Scenery: Getting out of the house even if its only once a week can help keep brain functioning properly by changing up your routine. Seeing different things, going to different places for a walk or a visit can be good for you.
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