Dental Care for Seniors

Dental Care for Seniors

Dental care is a crucial part of everyone’s overall health and well-being. That includes our seniors over the age of 65. We must ensure that our seniors have access to proper dental care and follow a consistent routine morning and evening. Like anyone else, seniors should have regular dental checkups. For seniors on a lower income, there are supports in place in Ontario that can help seniors get the proper dental care they need.

The Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program is a government-funded dental care program for seniors over the age of 65. Coverage includes checkups, including scaling, fluoride and polishing, repairing broken teeth and cavities, x-rays, removing teeth or abnormal tissue (oral surgery), anesthesia, treating infection and pain (endodontic services), and treating gum conditions and diseases (periodontal services).

Bad oral health can lead to pain and infection, which can cause us or our loved ones to seem grumpy or moody when they’re just in a lot of pain. Many people find it embarrassing to admit their teeth are in bad shape and will avoid seeing a dentist due to shame or fear of dental treatments. Be gentle with yourself and your loved ones. Approach your loved ones with understanding and compassion towards their situation.

The low-income program limits specific dental procedures, so you’ll have to talk with your dentist about coverage when booking an appointment. If you’re looking for more information on the program, visit Ontario.ca and search for the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program to see if you or your loved one may be eligible.

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