Christmas Celebrations

Christmas Celebrations

We celebrated Christmas a little early this year, inviting friends and family near and far for a little gathering on Sunday December 9. We started the party off right with amazing music from The Reasons and Reasonettes. Our Montage room very quickly became jam packed with residents and their guests singing along to classic Christmas carols as well as a variety of musical numbers. Everyone could be seen tapping their feet, clapping their hands or singing along to every song. Not a single person was seen sitting still! The Reasons and Reasonettes did such a fantastic job entertaining! 

Benjamin, Rhonda and Melanie did an amazing job ensuring everyone had some snacks and beverages prior to dinner service. We would not have been able to pull it off had they not assisted serving! Kim, Meaghan and Jordan all did a fantastic job with the appetizers, everything looked absolutely delicious and perfect! By the end of the night, hardly any appetizers were left! The biggest excitement of all last night was the AMAZING traditional turkey dinner! Everyone spoke highly of the amazing dinner and how tasteful and juicy the turkey was, the potatoes were just right and the dessert, oh the dessert! We got wind some residents even went back for a second cheesecake it was so delicious!

Here at MLP Residence, we want to thank everyone for attending our annual Christmas Dinner and for making our party such a wonderful event! We wish everyone a very happy and safe holidays and cannot wait to see you all again!

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