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  • Stages & Symptoms of Alzhiemer’s Disease

    Alzheimer’s is an incurable degenerative disease that causes the disruption of neural transmissions between cells in the brain.

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    April 2017
  • Home Care Services

    Any person who meets the eligibility can receive homecare services.  In Ontario, publicly funded homecare falls under MOHLTC (Ministry of Health & Long Term Care).  Local health care is funded by LHIN’s (Local Health Integration Network).  Fourteen CCAC’s (Community Care Access Centres) are accountable to LHIN’s and provide care to…

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  • Retirement & Assisted Living Residences

    As the senior care industry evolves to meet the changing needs of the mature adults, so are the services and living options available. The definition of an assisted living residence / retirement home is a housing facility for adults who do not want to engage in the responsibilities associated with…

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    February 2017
  • Active Seniors

    As life, span increases and people are living healthier than before; many seniors of today are likely more active, eat fresh food from gardens that they have grown, text their children / grandchildren and possibly are even active on their Facebook wall.  Seniors, today are more likely to play board…

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    January 2017
  • Healthy Eating For Seniors

    Eating healthy and physical activity together can make a difference between a healthy life and time spent relying on others.

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  • Managing Diabetes for Seniors

    Half of all diabetic patients are over 55. It is also the leading cause of blindness in adults and leaves seniors twice as likely to be hospitalized for kidney infections…

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    December 2016
  • Giving Up Driving

    Some seniors realize that they no longer feel safe or comfortable driving. They generally take it well, but still have that feeling of loss..

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  • Healthy Aging & Wellness

    which refers to finding the balance between physical, mental, social, and spiritual aspects of one’s life..

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