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  • Zen Arts & Crafts

    Grace G., Ann E., Ruth J., Edith H. and Bernadine V. joined Michelle and her adorable daughter on October 29 to create wooden “Welcome” door hangers. Through the use of paint, stencils and wood blocks pre-chopped and sanded residents began creating their art pieces. Everyone was so focused on their…

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    October 2018
  • Arts & Crafts

    Connie M., Ruth J., Theresa B. (and her daughter-in-law Sherry), Bernadine V., and Ann E. gathered in the Activity Room (Horizons) to begin assembling pine cone wreaths that will be available for sale at the Bazaar in November. Everyone very quietly concentrated on perfecting their pine cones to their personal…

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  • Chair Yoga

    Chair yoga took place Wednesday October 24, 2018 in the exercise room, with a total of 9 residents participating. This yoga class focuses on gentle movements and deep breathing to promote relaxation and mindfulness. As each resident walked by the Activity desk, only positive words could be spoken about the…

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  • Valencia’s Sing Along

    Residents of MLP gathered in the main lobby shortly after breakfast to listen to Valencia’s Sing-A-Long. This was the biggest turnout so far for the month of October, with 28 residents joining in. Each resident was thoroughly enjoying the music tapping their feet and gently swaying to the rhythm of…

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  • Golfing Fun!

    On October 18, residents of MLP thoroughly enjoyed hallway golf as they showed the new Activity & Wellness Coordinator the ropes. Six rounds of golf were played, each round with a very close score from all who participated. Norah took home the beloved Hallway Golf Trophy with a high score…

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  • MLP Visits the Milford Fair!

    On September 15th, Pat R., Norah, Bernadine, and Dirk travelled to Milford Fair. It was nice looking at the soybean and corn fields nearly ready to be harvested. When we arrived, Paul Johnson’s band ‘Marshland’ was playing their fantastic music. Dirk and Bernadine enjoyed a soft ice cream cone after…

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    September 2018
  • Wrapping up Summer!

    On August 20th we had some unexpected fantastic music by Richard Sokolowski and Paul Johnson. Wallbash Cannonball, Abilene, Jack to a King and Happy Trails are just a few songs which brought back precious memories. On August 24th, we were entertained by The Honky Tonk Man, Rob Dawson. The songs…

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  • Keeping Busy (and avoiding the heat!)

    Due to the extreme heat we have been staying cool inside, keeping busy with new trivia games such as Name 3 Beach Ball toss, strategizing with a Giant Checkers game, giving out the first trophy for hallway golf, along with Hand Drumming and Aquafit classes. We have also started crafts…

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    August 2018
  • Picnic Lunch

    On Sunday, July 22nd, the residents of MLP were set to embark on a picnic lunch – sandwiches, macaroni salad, devilled eggs, fruit and vegetables, lemonade and ice cream were ready for all! The weather was rather uncooperative for the picnic, but thanks to the staff, we were able to…

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    July 2018
  • Al Powis Performs

    We were honoured to welcome Al Powis here at MLP Residence! Al Powis, a native of nearby Wellington, plays at a number of senior’s events. A retired teacher from Moira Secondary School, Al has been playing music since his teens, but finds he has played more since his retirement. Powis…

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